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“Want to Hear God? Connect with Him in Prayer

In the book, Want to Hear God? Connect with Him In Prayer, you’ll meet ten different people who share real conversations they had with God and the outcomes of those conversations.  You’ll find out how you, too, can have two-way conversations with God. Enjoy the wonder of creative wise people and start your journey today!

What people are saying about “Want to Hear God? Connect with Him in Prayer”

Through engaging stories, timeless principles, and easy-to-implement practices, this book will equip and encourage you to listen speak and hear from God in a deeper, more meaningful way.

Nancy takes your ordinary, walking-around-the-hous, going-towork, brushing-your-teethdaily, I’m-having-a-bad-day life and pulls back the curtain so we can see the One who is always there, speaking, whispering, Emmanuel, the conversational, wants to be, “With-Us God.”

Kim Avery, MA, PCC

Author of The Prayer-Powered Entrepreneur: 31 Days to Building Your BUsiness With Less Stress and More Joy, Kim Avery Coaching

“Want to Hear God” is exactly what I have been looking for, a book with practices of prayer in one place. I have used many of them but keep forgetting them. This book allows me to try each one and focus on the ones that work best for me to communicate with God. Thank you, Nancy for your unwavering trust in God and perseverance to see this wonderful book to completion.

Janis Cox

Author, Growing Through God's Word , Janis Cox

About Nancy

My passion is to help you hear and connect with God in your everyday-moment-to-moment life.  As a certified spiritual director and author, I have experienced God’s guidance in big things, like healing from depression as well as day-to-day things, like the writing of this book.   He delights to speak with you and me. 

I wondered, How do I get myself in a place to hear Him speak and be able to respond?  

Want to Hear God? is a result of that wondering.  Experimenting with a variety of practices allows me to hear Him intimately and daily. I want that for you and I want to gather creative wise women in a community.

I live in a quiet country subdivision, nestled in a beautiful old oak grove outside Madison, Wi. My husband of 45 years and I enjoy researching family history together.  However, the best times include the family gatherings of the four littles in our lives, three granddaughters and one grandson.  They bring joy and giggles into our lives.  This last year we’ve managed to stay in touch with zoom.  We can’t wait to hug again.


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