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Seeking God in prayer has been familiar to me for many years, yet it tended to be these types, “Here I am Lord, this is what I desire, bless me, thank you, forgive me, would you?” prayers.

I would get up in the morning, spend my “quiet time” with Him like I was supposed to, then go about my merry way, hardly even acknowledging His presence.

Until I couldn’t do that anymore…..

I hit a wall and the days became like nights.  I had daily headaches for two years.  I was tired all the time.  Work was hard, the family was hard, life was hard.

I am betting many of you have experienced hitting a wall.  I even considered suicide.

However, in His graciousness, God sent people around me to bring me to Himself.

The biggest healing time became a weekend retreat.  I was asked, through John 5.  Are you here hoping to be healed?  Indeed I was.

That weekend, in St Louis, I heard Him say to me, “You are my beloved.”  “Touch my hem and you will be healed.”

Something shifted that weekend.  Indeed the darkness changed and I did leave whole and healed.  I could scarcely believe it.

That healing led me to become a spiritual director, someone who can come alongside others to help them listen to God well and see where He is at work in their lives.

Additionally, by becoming much better at hearing God speak, I became challenged to write the book, Want to Hear God, Connect with Him in Prayer.  He challenged me to share His prayers with His people.

This book shares two-way conversations that others have had with God and practices that help you have those conversations and connect with Him.

I want to connect with you, too.  Let’s look for God together in your life, a life that matters.

He’s always at work and together we can join Him.


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Writings by Nancy

Want to Hear God?

Connect with Him in Prayer

In this book, Want to Hear God? Connect with God in Prayer, I have authored,  a variety of prayer practices and actual prayer conversations are shared so you, too, can hear His voice and have intimate encounters with Him that will change your life.

I had the opportunity to gather authentic prayer conversations from a variety of people who share how they have heard God, using different prayer practices.

You can hear and connect with God to:

  • Strengthen your daily walk
  • Restore your past
  • Transform your future

By exploring each of these areas of your life, developing habits to enjoy conversations, and finding different ways to pray, Jesus says that you can indeed live life abundantly.

You focus on getting to know and hear Him more intimately.

I can’t wait to share these practices with you!

Story By Story

The Power of a Writer

In this collection of stories, written and edited by Deanne Welsh, you’ll find Soul Stories that were written in just 30 days.

Her premise in this collection shows we can all write stories now and put our pens to paper. You have everything you need to begin making a difference with your pen.  Your stories matter.

The stories, The Welcoming and Remembering  I contributed emphasize the impact friends and neighbors have on our lives.

I hope you’ll enjoy this book for a glimpse of what’s it’s like to let prompts lead your writing and share stories with one another.

I will be setting up some shared writing times.  Let me know if you are interested in writing stories to share with others, especially your grandchildren.

Your stories matter.

I can’t wait to write together with you! 

Whispers in the Pews

Voices on Mental Illness in the Church

In this collection of essays, edited by Chris Morris and written by various authors, you will gain a unique view of how mental health conditions affect people and how the church has responded to those circumstances.

You will read about my own journey through depression and anxiety. From Depressed to Thriving, How One Church  Made a Difference delineates the support and care my local church provided for me during those two dark years.

For me, prayer and care of the local community made a healing difference.

This collection of stories will expand your vision and your heart about what the church does well for the mentally ill and where we can improve.

As a spiritual director, who has experienced healing prayer, I know Jesus’ healing touch.

I would love to explore healing prayer and help you listen to Jesus.


Sharing our stories that matter give us the opportunity to see where God is at work in our lives. 

Your story matters.  You can read some of the ways that God has touched me in the publications listed below that are on Medium. 

Let’s explore your own story.  I can show you how to get started today.  Shared story writing in one of the easiest ways to begin. Let’s get connected. 

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“Somehow, in this current rational culture, it’s okay to pray to God but seems unusual or weird to hear from God. I believe by reading the shared prayer conversations, you’ll be able to detect a variety of ways God can and does speak.”

-Nancy booth-

“Want to Hear God? Connect with Him in Prayer”

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