As many of you know, for the past year I have been working on a book about hearing God and having conversations with Him.  Want to Hear God, Connect with Him in Prayer fiinally went to the editor last week.  I have to admit, sending it off was surprisingly emotional.  As I pondered those swirls of emotion, I reflected with gratitude on the efforts of a year-long project.

Dreams can become a reality

With God’s help, I am one step closer to publishing the book He put on my heart more than two years  ago.  I honestly wasn’t sure I would complete it.  Granted it’s not published on Kindle yet, but it’s on it’s way and feels real.

Developing skill sets are important

I could not have completed this book without being part of a writing community like Christian Book Academy to learn the ins and outs of writing the first draft, what it takes to publish, and then to get connected with an editor and finally to share it with the world.  I had so many new things to learn, especially the leaning into God part!

Being part of a community is vital

Working on a project over this length of time for me has required a community.  Christian Book Academy is a cheerleading community that understand writers but so have my friends and family been a key in bringing this book to this point.

Prayer is the key

I know that this book would not have gotten completed without a group of people praying for the book, my writing and the direction that God wanted the book to go.  The writing took a lot of listening, which was fascinating.  However, since the title is Want to Hear God, why should I be surprised?!

What about you?

What big project are you facing in the months to come?  Which of the above pieces resonate with you?  Who do you need to gather for your support to walk forward with God?

I look forward to sharing with you the 12 prayer practices that help you have conversations with God.  Working alongside Him for the abundant life is what I want for everyone. I will keep you posted on the release of the book.

More importantly, I will keep praying for each of you.  Let me know how I can be praying for you.