Great is the Lord! He is most worthy of praise!
No one can measure his greatness.
I will meditate on your majestic, glorious splendor and your wonderful miracles.
Your awe-inspiring deeds will be on every tongue; I will proclaim your greatness.
-Psalm 145:3-6

We are soon approaching a year of pandemic life.  The anniversary date is March 11th.  I know because it is my birthday. Who would have thought we’d be approaching a year when this started? I know I sure didn’t.  However, as we approach this anniversary, with the hope of a vaccine, how might we remember God’s greatness, His supremacy, His knowledge and oversight of the past year?  I don’t lose what I have experienced.

One way to reflect on the year is to take a moment to pause, breathe and remember. Notice in the past months how God, in His greatness, prepared you for these times. Where have you sensed His presence and care for the details in your life?

Pause a moment and look back

In the past year, what doings and workings of God has shown His greatness in your life, regardless of the circumstance? Perhaps recall a story of answered prayer, a scene in the beauty of nature, a moment with your children.  Look for evidence of His fingerprints.

Breathe and remember

What was that moment of His greatness like for you?  Visualize it in your mind. Think about the details of His greatness. Feel the emotions – peace, joy, trust, love, even the hard parts of pain that drew you closer to Him.

Notice how that experience of His greatness has prepared you for now

What did you experience then? How has that prepared you for now? What are things that you know to be true now because of the experience you had with God?  I am amazed at His trustworthiness and faithfulness, in spite of my emotions being all over the place.  My marriage has weathered ups and downs through being together 24/7.  I believe my husband would tell you we still like each other. Ha!    Thank you, God!

Meditate, remember, and rest in what you know to be true.

What’s next?

How can that noticing of past preparations bring God, His greatness, and calmness into the current moments?

Whenever you are faced with an anxious or uncertain moment, pause, breathe, and remember. Notice how God has prepared you for the

Write down some of the most powerful remembrances.  We’ll use those next week to look ahead to the hope of the months to come.

I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you give you a hope and a future.  Jeremiah 29:11

As a spiritual director, I walk with people who want to hear and see God more clearly in their lives. If this post is helpful to you, could you share it with others?  Or if there is a way that I can be praying specifically for you, would you reply to this post?  I want to be of service to you in your life and the lives of others.  I look forward to walking with you in the world “for such a time as this.”