Like most of 2020, Christmas may also have its challenges.  You may not be travelling or if you are, you have challenges to consider.  Or what about the people you usually gather with? or maybe not this year?  Or if you are gathering with loved ones, what challenges are you facing to keep everyone safe in the midst of this ongoing pandemic?  How are you feeling about all the Christmas challenges?  Have you brought curiosity into your approach?

What is a curiosity approach?

Bringing in a curiosity approach lets you approach challenges with open hands, heart and mind.  The definition of curiosity is learning what we do not yet know, pointed to what we desire, a happy anticipation.  The object of curiosity is information.  It is marked by the desire to investigate and learn, an inquisitive nature and involvement in others’ concerns.  You don’t know what will happen but you are open, eager and wondering.

For Christmas then, a curiosity approach takes on a wondering and a pondering.  How will things work?  What may work best for all involved?  How can we plan for people’s safety and comfort, especially when traditions play an important role?

By approaching the time with curiosity, no set ideas or preconceived ideas are in place.

How do you bring in curiosity? 

To bring in curiosity to your Christmas challenges or changes, where can you start?  Notice where your own desires are first.  Be curious with yourself.

For example, for me, I wanted my children and grandchildren together more than I wanted to open presents together.  However, my granddaughters are in school face to face so the risk factor feels higher to us as grandparents.  Our solution will be to have an outdoor bonfire on January 2nd with both sets of adult children and their families.  We’ll all bring snacks for in the garage (another heat source) and stay outside. The cousins will have a blast playing together. By staying in a curious mode, we discovered being together, wearing masks, staying safe outdoors and opening presents the next day on zoom became our solution.

Where might curiosity be helpful?

The importance of curiosity becomes apparent as you focus on wondering, pondering and keeping things open with the challenges of meeting everyone’s expectations.  Communication becomes the key and curiosity sets the tone.

How can you be curious about the challenges and choices facing you and your family members as you consider your options?  What new traditions, like our bonfire, might be started?

What about you?

As I thought about the Christmas challenges before all of us and how different things are this year, I thought about Mary and Joseph and how different things were for them the year Jesus was born.  Here is this baby, born in the stable, of all places, unexpectedly to this new family. Then the shepherds came as surprise visitors and told them of the angels’ visit. Mary’s reaction to all of this, in Luke 2: 19

 “But Mary treasured all these things in her heart and often pondered what they meant.”

Curiosity helps us step back to treasure and ponder what is going on around us, seeing things through different a different lens and meeting the Christmas challenges with wonder and grace.

How can you use curiosity this Christmas to make it a blessed Christmas for you and your family?

Praying for you and your families:


Thank you that we can tell you how we feel, yet ask you to help us see challenges with curiosity.

Help us focus on Jesus as our hope and

Grant us your wonder

In Your precious name, we pray,



Merry Christmas Blessings!