What opportunities have you taken lately to connect with people with whom you have had long-term relationships with – friends of the heart?  What people do you have in your life that no matter how long it has been since you have talked to them, you pick up where you left off? These precious connections may be rare in your life, yet so important,

Who are friends of your heart?

Friends of your heart may take some reaching out on your part.  Even if you haven’t talked to someone for twenty years, if you have fond memories of your friendship, then it is time to reach out.  They may be from high school, college, a past job or even someone online.

A friend of mine from high school recently called me on the phone.  It was amazing.  She said, “I decided I think this is your number.  I haven’t talked to you in years.  I am just going to call.”  I am so glad she did.  It took courage on her part, yet in so many ways it is as if we had not been apart.  We talked children, grandchildren, Jesus and made plans to talk with each other more often.

Unfortunately, I recently lost a childhood friend, which is one reason this topic is on my mind. Time with friends is precious.  Luckily I was able to attend her funeral visitation in my hometown.  While I was there, I made sure to connect with three other friends of my heart.  One couple and I have been friends for over sixty years.  Pizza and conversation filled my soul for sure.

Where do you find friends of your heart?

If you have difficulty deciding who might be friends of your heart, you may want to make new ones. Friends help us thrive. Where are places that you might meet new friends, especially during our times of being at home?

Facebook interest groups might be a place to start.  A couple of the new friends of my heart are from a writer’s group I joined.  I have gotten to know them through conversations and interactions in the facebook group.  Joining like-minded interest groups gives you a chance to know others better.

Classes are another place to get to know people more and online classes certainly are popular right now.  Udemy offers an amazing amount of classes for not a lot of money and you can meet like-minded people that way as well.

Why maintain friends of your heart?

Maintenance of friends of your heart takes a little time and intention on your part.  However, the payback is enormous.  For example, our friendships:

  • Increase our mental and emotional well-being
  • Reduce stress
  • Promote brain health
  • Improve our outlook on life
  • Weather lonely times
  • Rebound from health issues

The beauty of a variety of friends of the heart is that each one brings a facet of understanding about ourselves.  Each friend I have lets me see myself in a little different light and I hope I also reflect that back to that person.

What about you?

Friends of the heart do take time.  If you don’t have many friends, you can ask God to show you your next steps and what connections you need to make, past or present.  I am finding that people appreciate me reaching out to them, which somehow is surprising to me as well.

I pray that you reach out to someone that God brings to your mind.  That friend of the heart is waiting to connect with you.  I am certain of it.