I am currently writing a book on how God speaks to us in authentic prayer conversations. Some days, the resistance to sit down to write has astounded me  As I was reading Psalm 78 recently, the reason to write our God prayer conversation stories stood out to me:

We will not hide these truths from our children;
we will tell the next generation
about the glorious deeds of the Lord,
about his power and his mighty wonders
. ( Ps 78:4, NLT)

We are to tell the next generation of God’s past miracles and workings in our lives because He commands us to do so.  The psalmist here, Asaph, reminds us not to hide the truths from our children.  We are to share what God has done in our lives and let them know what we have seen and understood.

Asaph goes on:

so the next generation might know them—
even the children not yet born—
and they in turn will teach their own children.
 So each generation should set its hope anew on God,
not forgetting his glorious miracles and obeying his commands. (
Psalms 78:6-7, NLT)

Wow, even the children not yet born!  To think that by writing down our stories of what God is doing and has done in our lives, we can reach future generations.

Consider the next generations

Have you thought about future generations in your family?  The stories of God at work in your life could reach future generations if you write down even little snippets of God’s conversations and connections in your life.  For example, what about the story of when you came to know Jesus, or answered prayers, or times of God’s faithfulness?

One of my own hobbies is genealogy and I love to find out the names, occupations and locales of where my ancestors lived. I have gone back 7 and 8 generations to the 1600’s.  I have yet though, to find many journals or diaries. I am sure God was at work in their lives but I have no idea how.  I have often wished for my mother’s story of her baptism or my grandmother’s stories of her early church-going years.

How awesome to share God’s workings and miracles in your life to the generations moving forward.  Who knows how God might be able to use those stories to set hope anew in their lives. When I found a few newspaper clippings of my grandmother leading her women’s prayer circles, I realized how faith had transcended generations.  So precious to me!  Writing down our stories certainly adds urgency and importance to recording our stories, doesn’t it?

Get started

One place to start is in a plain notebook or in a digital file labeled God’s stories.

As you begin to ponder the different ways God has been at work in your life, ask God which ones He wants you to write.  What comes to mind?  He’s your co-author.

Especially now, during these most unusual times of the pandemic and racial unrest, you may have many stories to tell.  How is life different now than it was before March 11th?  How have you seen God in your midst?

One simple way is to pretend you are telling someone about your current life and answer the following questions:

  1. What’s your God story about today?  Write a one-sentence summary.
  2. Then come up with three main points to your story – what happened – beginning, middle, end?
  3. Then with those three main points, write 3-5 sentences describing each point.
  4. For the conclusion, reflect on what you learned about God, yourself and others. How were you changed in this encounter with God?  What do you want the reader to know and understand about God from your story?

Now write

Today is the day you can begin to write short stories of what you want others to know of the miracles, whisperings and wonders God has done in your life.  What do you want your children and future generations to know and understand about God’s transforming love and workings in your life?

I would love to read some of your stories and answers to prayers. Please send them to nancy@mysacredmoments.com.  I am collecting prayer conversations to share with others in my book series, How to Have Everyday Conversations with God.  I would love to feature some of your prayer conversations.

Finding out how God speaks to each of us certainly encourages closer listening!  We can share God’s transforming love with each other as well as future generations.

Don’t put off writing something another minute!  You’ll never regret writing down your prayer conversations to share with your family.

Nancy Booth wants to create safe spaces for you, helping you find ways to have two-way conversations with God.  She loves encouraging you to look for ways He is at work. Nancy is a spiritual director and writer.  She would love to accompany you on your journey of discovery to hear and see more of the God who delights in you.  Peace, hope and freedom could be yours Contact her today..