For such a time as this, each of us are asking a myriad of questions and wondering which way to go and how to approach even each day.  The uncertainty can be overwhelming.  The questions, the questions… they keep coming.

Depending on your personality, you are each asking a different question.  In Emily P Freeman’s book, Do the Next Right Thing, she writes about doing the next right thing that is in front of you.  What I like about that concept is that it keeps me grounded in the moment and keeps life in more manageable chunks. I know I certainly need manageable chunks right now!

From the Enneagram perspective, each of us has a slightly different take on what that next right thing may be and the lens on which we see the world.  I hope the following questions may be helpful to you.  As you read the questions, note which question stands out to you or resonates within your heart, head or body:.

Heart people may ask:

2’s What is the next loving thing to do?

3’s What is the next most efficient thing to do?

4’s What is the next most unique thing to do?

Head people may ask:

5’s What is the next wise thing to do?

6’s What is the next most loyal thing to do?

7’s What is the next joy-filled thing to do?

Gut or Body people may ask:

8’s What is the next most just thing to do?

9’s What is the next most balanced thing to do?

1’s What is the next right thing to do?

What question or questions resonated for you?

In looking through the enneagram personality lens, I believe some of the above questions will resonate more than others.  Take time to read each question and notice your reaction to each one.  How do you feel, think or react to each one?

Then, take some time in prayer and ask God, what is your next right thing to do?  What is He preparing you for during this time?  It may be in prayer for others, or reaching out over the phone, internet or writing a note.  I don’t know but He does!

For me, the next right thing, is to pray and love on others.  I am going down my list of readers and praying for each of you.  On our Growing from the Inside Out facebook page, my friend Amy and I are providing encouragement and creating a safe place for you to learn more about your own Enneagram personality during these uncertain times. We invite you to join us on that page.

God has prepared and gifted you in certain ways.

5 You O God, have surrounded me on every side, behind me and before me,
    and You have placed Your hand gently on my shoulder.
It is the most amazing feeling to know how deeply You know me, inside and out;
    the realization of it is so great that I cannot comprehend it. Psalm 139:5-6 The Voice 

He sees you, knows you, cares for you in these uncertain times.  May you be encouraged with the power and strength of His love, to do the next right thing and lean into Him.

Please know that I am praying for you.  If there is something you would like me to pray for you specifically, reply to this email.  God sees and we’re all in this together.

Nancy Booth wants to create safe spaces for you, helping you find ways to have two-way conversations with God.  She loves encouraging you to look for ways He is at work. Nancy is a spiritual director and writer.  She would love to accompany you on your journey of discovery to hear and see more of the God who delights in you.  Peace, hope and freedom could be yours Contact her today..