(This is the second in a series of blogs about the Enneagram, a tool that can be used to become more aware of the person God has created us to be.  Be looking for what might resonate with you in each of the types described  You are on a journey.)

Life, at times, can be so frustrating.  You try to be better, do better.  However, there are random parts of your life that you wish could transform into something more useful and not just keep repeating.  You find yourself with habits you can’t seem to break, relationships that are stuck in a rut and thoughts that continually repeat themselves like broken records, saying “I am not good enough.”

The self-awareness tool of the Enneagram is something God can use in to start the transformation.  In my life, the Enneagram has given me language around the difficulties I face and some my inner motivations. I have been able to find a path to growing towards my authentic self.

In a previous blog,Growing from the Inside Out the Centers of Intelligence for the Enneagram laid the foundation for understanding the Enneagram.  A core purpose of the Enneagram is to become whole and although we may each have a particular spot on the Enneagram that describes us, eventually we hope to find spots in each Center of Intelligence to help us grow and balance our live more harmoniously.

The Enneagram has 9 different points, or different styles of relating, divided among the Centers of Intelligence in threes.  The commonality within each Center is the emotion.   This blog will focus on the Center of Intelligence that deals with the Heart Center of emotions.

The Heart Center of Intelligence are the 2s, 3s, and 4s. Those of us in this Center , me included, usually say, “I feel……  The common emotion is sorrow or shame in this center, a sadness for creating an image that is not one’s truest self.  However, each type in the Heart Center creates a different kind of image.

Let’s take a look at the 2, 3, and 4 types on the Enneagram.  See what image may resonate with you, and then if any sorrow arises because you are not being fully who you are.

The 2’s – The Loving Person

Often, the Loving Person is someone who is bustling around, helping everyone in sight.  She is nurturing, generous and attentive.  This person is empathetic, encouraging and sensitive.  She needs to be needed and focuses on the needs of others.

We might surmise that Martha, in the Bible, was a 2.  She wanted to serve Jesus, was getting everything ready for the meal, then got upset when no one was helping her.  That’s what can happen when 2’s overextend themselves… almost a martyr-like feel and go into control mode.

She creates an image of being likable, generous and concerned for other people, then look to others for affirmation of her self-worth.  The most common misuse of her heart center is emotional manipulation.

A question she can ask herself is.. Is this mine to do?

The 3’s – The Effective Person

The Effective Person can be spotted in most businesses and organizations by the efficiency and organization she brings. She focuses on performing and achieving well.  She is energetic, empowering, competent, goal-oriented, a get it done kind of person. She needs to appear successful.

The difficulty comes when striving comes at all costs.  She can become a workaholic, insensitive to needs over tasks, arrogant and self-deceptive.

As an Effective Person, she wants to project an image of self-confidence, competence and success.  She then seeks the respect and admiration of others for what she accomplishes.  The most common misuses of the Heart Center for a 3 is playing a role for whatever situation she finds herself in.

The question she can ask herself is   What is my own definition of success based on my own values, feelings, and desires – not someone elses?

The 4’s – The Original Person

As a writer, creative, musician, this is often where the Original Person finds herself on the Enneagram.  The Original Person is intuitive, imaginative, creative and inspires others to notice deep meaning in the simplest of things.  For her, everyone and everything is special and unique.

Because of this sensitivity to the authenticity and the unique, the Original Person may find herself at times, withdrawn, moody, impractical and even depressive because the world is not living up to how she sees it.  No one, even herself, is as unique or as beautiful as she would like it to be.

She wants to create an image of being unique, special and different, then use that emotional sensitivity as a way to cover up not feeling good enough or deficient.  It becomes like a double bind.  The most common misuse of her heart center is oversensitivity.

She can remember “No emotion is final” Jack Kornfield  and ask herself,  What emotion do I want to choose today to enjoy?

Question for you

This is our beginning exploration of the Enneagram types, the Heart Center.  Did any of the descriptors particularly resonate with you?  How and why?

In the next blog, we will explore the Head Center.  It is an exciting journey, one that takes a lifetime.  This is just the beginning.

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