It is springtime here in Wisconsin and as I travel the countryside, I come across patches of blackened earth here and there.   The contrast is startling as all other growth show bright greens, whites, and pinks, especially on a bright sunny day.   If my timing is right, I may even come across a smoky patch, when fire is actually raging.

These fires and blackened fields are actually “prescribed burns”  for the prairie patches still left in the area, especially on the state’s natural properties.  The burns are used to maintain the health of our natural areas and rid them of invasive species.  These prescribed burns help prairies by:

  • Managing weeds and invasive species
  • Restoring and releasing nutrients
  • Rejuvenating growth

Prairie plants have deep roots and the key growing part of the plant is below ground, where the fire does not penetrate.  Therefore, the fire, by destroying the weeds and invasive plants, allows the prairie plants to flourish.

What About You?

“Everyone’s going through a refining fire sooner or later, but you’ll be well-preserved, protected from the eternal flames.” Mark 9:49 The Msg

When was the last time you went through a “prescribed burn”?  A refining fire may or may not have been your choice.  As the verse above reminds us, everyone’s going through a refining fire sooner or later – a health issue that turns big,  a job loss, the death of a loved one, retirement, even the transition of children leaving home can be a refining fire – whatever transition you may be facing.  A prescribed burn could be a smaller refinement, too – a fight with your family or friend, a problem with your boss or teammates at work, a reoccurring health issue – like a thorn in the side.

Whatever your “prescribed burn” is, think about the how fire helps the prairie plant. Even if the fire seems momumental, could it be sacred moments? 

Could fire help:

Manage Invasive Weeds in Your Life

When faced with a fire, all resources and attention are placed on controlling the fire.  For example, my prescribed burn was my depression. When I was fighting my depression, I let go of outside activities and focused on finding what was necessary for regaining my health.

I focused on eating healthy, exercise, meditation, getting outdoors, asking for help from my family, medication, and monitoring my thinking.  I needed to manage those invasive weeds in my life such as saying yes when I meant no, and understanding the difference between reality and expectations as well as giving myself permission to take care of myself.  

God lead me to a time of burning away the unhealthy practices so I could begin to see what health could look like.

Restore and Release Nutrients

The “prescribed burn” for the prairie restores and releases nutrients.  The heat of the fire for some plants releases seeds that would not otherwise be released.  It burns away the hard outer core.

It takes heat and fire at times to find our true creative self that God has placed within us.  He has restored my health and released the nutrients of encouragement and love into my life and I am grateful.  

This can be true for you as you go through a “prescribed burn”.  I didn’t do it alone.  I walked with my coach, my spiritual director, my own family, and my church family.  The seeds that have been released have been watered and tendered by the community around me.

Rejuvenate Growth

After a “prescribed burn,” new green growth begins to appear.  I love going back to that blackened earth to see the first few sprouts coming up.  It truly represents how I feel as I am coming out of my depression.  I am so enjoying the new sprouts of growth that are occurring – coaching, spiritual direction, writing, relationships.  

Without the “prescribed burn” of my depression, I would not be noticing these new sprouts.  All of this noticing is occurring because of this new and closer relationship I have with God.

He has restored me and released me to a new way of living with Him.  For me, I have found a new career, a new calling, a new way of serving and loving on women as well as my own true identity.  That is what “prescribed burns” can do.  Get rid of the unimportant and invasive weeds in your life and help you focus on how He wants to delight in you and restore new growth. Grow a Perfect Day

What about you?

What wall are you hitting?  What invasive weeds need to be burned out of your life so those beautiful prairie plants can grow?   I would love to accompany you to make sure that prairie fire doesn’t burn out of control.  

Or if you’re coming out of a fire, that you begin to notice the new growth that is occurring.  Contact me for a free consultation.  Let’s see how you can begin to flourish more today.

Nancy Booth wants to create safe spaces for women who want more to see and hear more God in their daily lives.  She loves sitting down with each woman over a good cup of tea and looking for ways He is at work. Nancy is a spiritual director, Enneagram coach and writer. She also loves playing with her four delightful grandchildren, enjoying genealogy with her husband Jim of 45 years and going on trips with girlfriends.  She would love to accompany you on your journey of discovery to hear and see more of the God who delights in you.  Peace, hope and freedom could be yours..






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