Happy New Year! As the old year passes, I imagine you’ve been seeing or hearing about people choosing a word of the year.  Have you done that before?  Do you shrug that off?  How does having a word of the year focus your intentions?  Can it make a difference?

In the book, The One Thing, by Gary Keller, he suggests it is the focus we choose that makes a difference in our quality of life.  His question in that focus of our intentions is

“What’s the ONE THING I can do such that by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary?”

As you ponder what that one thing might be,I suggest one thing might be choose a word of the year.

For me, choosing a word of the year is like a backdrop motor running.  It is the filter for everything running through my mind.  I have been surprised at how powerful it is for my mindset and how it focuses my intentions.

To choose a word of the year, for me it is a discernment process, one of listening to my heart.  Sometimes, I feel the word chooses me.  After my word is chosen, then I begin to look at life differently, that one thing that Gary Keller talks about and how I might incorporate that quality into my life.

I was part of a BE Group for 2018 and I felt the word that chose me was Unstoppable.  I felt it was an odd word to focus on – even grandiose.  It did give me courage and this year, 2018 has been an unstoppable year for me as it has unfolded.  God has answered prayers to:

  • Spend consistent quality time with my grandchildren on a regular basis- like above
  • Go global by getting involved in a global missions conference- Urbana18, held this week in St Louis, MO with InterVarsity Fellowship and 11,000 attendees
  • Practice my spiritual direction by becoming pastoral care support for the Urbana18 Operations team for the last 7 months
  • Be a part of a national wide writers conference in October
  • Be published in two books this year – something I wanted to accomplish in my 65th year
  • Take a traveling vacation with my husband

None of these things were on my radar on January 1st, 2018.  However, with the concept of unstoppable  as my mindset and God as my partner, I kept consistently focused on clear intentions with Him.  I reflect back on 2018 in amazement and gratitude.

Here are some considerations for you as you choose your word and how it might focus your intentions for 2019.


Take the time to reflect where you are right now.  Journal your thoughts, emotions and prayers.  Tell God what’s on your heart.  Listen to what’s on His heart for you.


Become sensitive to words, concepts that resonate for you.  What is a word or phrase that resonates or repeats itself over and over, like it is choosing you?  I felt unstoppable chose me last year, with really no reason why.

Talk with others

Talk over your ideas and thoughts with others.  Join our upcoming Be Group (see below) where we’ll explore your Enneagram personality, values, vision and intentions.  Hearing yourself out loud can make a difference, too.


Finally, decide what your word for 2019 is.  Make a sign so you can see it often.  Thank God for helping you choose it.  Be in wonder as to the adventures you will have as the vision of that word focuses your intentions of your world.

I would love to have you join our Be Group to get your vision clear for 2019!  Early registration ends January 3rd.    Get clear, get focused, have a great new year!

Who knows?  Your year might be unstoppable in 2019!