What do you know about the beauty of friendships with other women in your life?   You see those BFF and wonder what in the world do those letters stand for? Can you really have a “best friend forever”?  What could that look like, sound like and feel like and why would it be important as you get older?

Having strong women friendships in your life over time is like finding your tribe.  “Your people” support you, love on you, call you out when needed and are women who you are your go to, no matter what.  Lasting friendships can be hard to find, but over time, they can age into something beautiful, like fine wine.

About five years ago, I realized I had two wonderful best friends, one who lived nearby and one who lived seven hours away.  I am blessed by their friendship and we have 35-40 years of history together.  However, I also realized that beyond that I hadn’t cultivated other women in my “tribe.”  Who were women that I could enjoy, count on, encourage them and have them encourage me?

I started looking for more friends – women that I felt I could “hang out” with and have a good time, not mentor or teach or coach or “do” for.  I can say that over these last few years, I have made more connections with women that I can have fun with, count on and ask for prayer support and know they have my back as well as I have theirs. We can even travel together!  It was an intention on my part to make the mind shift and the awareness of what was missing in my life.

If you don’t have quality friendships in your life, how can you go about finding friends?  A relationship begins with one step.  Where can you begin to meet someone that might have similar interests of yours?

 A class?  A community center?  An exercise venue?  A meet-up?  A church?  What about developing friends in online facebook groups?.  Taking up a hobby and finding others with your like interests?

Begin to look around to find your “tribe”.  There are women out there that are also looking.  Asking for God’s direction is also a good place to start to make those “just right” connections.

As you read the list below, think about the friends in your life.  Who are they?  What qualities do they have that already support you?  What qualities do you have that support your friends?  Often you have to be a friend to have a friend.  Giving of yourself generously often comes back even more.

The beauty of friendship provides:

1.  A listening ear

2.  An open heart and mind

3.  Tenderness and compassion

4.  Confidentiality and trust

5.  Sensitivity to the Spirit and a commitment to pray for each other

6.  Fun and a sense of humor

7.  Grace for “life interruptions”, especially during different seasons of life

8.  Forgiveness quickly and frequently – without shame

9.  Encouragement always

10.Commitment to each other over time


The Take Away

What about you?  Which one of these 10 items resonates with you the most about a beautiful friendship?  Who do you picture?  How does this list describe you?

What will now be your next steps?   Will you thank your friend for being this in your life.  Or go out and celebrate with your friends?  Or make plans to get more connected with other women in your life and get intentional about making friends?

I would love to know how you get connected with the women in your life.  It’s part of living a well-nourished life after 50!

Nancy Booth helps you discard chaos and uncertainty as you journey towards a well-nourished life after 50. She helps you embrace wellness, purpose and intentional connections in your life. Her coaching process helps you design your own personal roadmap to help you build  a healthy, purposeful and peaceful mind, body and soul. She would love to walk your journey with you.